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Everything You Need to Know About Maintenance

For me, terminology is really not that crucial. Aside from making sure that we are discussing about the same thing. What I think as condition-based maintenance, you would know that predictive maintenance is not really that vital. As long as we can sensibly discuss about the underlying principles.

What should you know about condition based maintenance and when to use it? On the other hand, a lot of people usually ask questions about the various kinds of maintenance, and this article would serve as a quick overview regarding the various kinds of maintenance.

Preventive maintenance versus corrective maintenance

At the outmost, we view maintenance as either preventive or corrective. Get more info on maintenance types. If you are going to do preventive maintenance, it denotes that you are doing a task before a failure will happen. And this task is aimed in preventing a mistake, decreasing the consequences of failure or evaluating the risks a failure would take place. On the other hand, if we do a corrective maintenance, this means that the failure has already happened and we are just restoring the efficiency and productivity of the equipment. To be clear, corrective maintenance can be the outcome of a thoughtful run to failure method.

What should you know about preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance can be considered as “an equipment maintenance method that is dependent on replacing or restoring an equipment or asset at a set interval regardless of its current condition. Examples of your preventive maintenance tasks would include replacement tasks and scheduled restoration.

Preventive maintenance is also called as preventative maintenance, and this is basically a form of maintenance that is performed at regular intervals while the equipment is still at its best with the aim to prevent mistakes or decrease the chances that failure would take place.

This form of maintenance is time-based, for example, every three months, every month, or every week. On the other hand, preventive maintenance can also be constructed on the usage, for example, every 50 cycles, every 10000 hours, or similar to your car, service every 1000km.

In addition to time based maintenance or regular interval method, there are also other types of maintenance that is within the category of preventive maintenance and these are the following: Get more info on types of maintenance pdf. Time based maintenance or TBM, failure finding maintenance or FFM, risk based maintenance or RBM, condition based maintenance or CBM and predictive maintenance or PDM.

Preventive maintenance would cover a lot of various kinds of maintenance that are utilized before a failure has taken place and predictive maintenance is a type of your preventive maintenance. And when people talk about preventive maintenance, they usually refer to time based maintenance which is a replacement or repair of the fixed interval regardless of the status of the equipment. Learn more from

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